Wednesday, April 13, 2016


promo ad for german beer

The Merkelistan Stasi. Germany with another fascist leader. Remember, Hitler loved Islam, too. Merkel brings and submits to Islam.
This is surrender. Instead of enforcing the law and holding the Muslim migrants accountable for their crimes (and deporting them, and stopping importing more), Germany is beginning to surrender and adopt Islamic mores. Anywhere Islamic law and mores conflict with Western law and mores, it is Western mores that must give way. This is a sign of the Islamization of Germany.
It has been reported tha Germany would be segregating some swimming pools because of Muslim migrant sex attacks. So this is clearly a trend. Schools and canteens in Germany are ‘banning’ the serving of pork to avoid offending Muslim migrants.
“First it was Germany ‘BANS’ sexy women in adverts after Cologne sex assaults,” By Selina Sykes, The Express, Apr 13, 2016 (thanks to Armaros). :
GERMANY has announced plans to ban images of scantily-clad women in adverts in response to the sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.
German Justice Minister Heiko Maas said the move to ban ads which “reduce women or men to sexual objects” is an attempt to create a “modern gender image”.
The proposal, if introduced later this year, would see courts decide on what qualifies as sexist.
The plan has been called political correctness gone mad by its critics, who said it was the first step towards a “nanny state”.
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