Friday, April 15, 2016



Via NY Post: Thrashing out the details of their new marriage contract with online relationship coach Suzie Johnson, the wealthy couple who have been wed for 12 years leave their hourlong Skype session feeling satisfied. The husband agrees they can have a fifth child — while the wife consents to an infidelity clause allowing him to cheat with other women on a strictly annual basis.
“They agreed to a weekend amnesty, where the guy can do what he wants for just one weekend a year,” recalls Johnson, who runs the Dallas,“In return, she gets the bigger family she craved.”
It’s increasingly common in her practice as a growing number of women agree to “widen their monogamy boundaries” and embrace a marriage of convenience, where it’s just the husband who strays rather than an open marriage where both sides cheat.
It’s a fascinating trend that came into the spotlight this week with the death of 75-year-old Linda Jones, superstar Welsh singer Tom Jones’ long-suffering wife, who put up with his legendary philandering for 59 years.
Well-known public figures in similar situations include, most famously,presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, as well as Masha Lopatova, spouse of former NBA player Andrei Kirilenko. The mother of four admitted in 2006 that she sets the 6-foot-9 Russian-born athlete “free” once a year so he can sow his wild oats.
Citing 2013 study research that shows more than 50 percent of marriages survive infidelity, Johnson explains: “Fifteen years ago, having an affair would be a deal-breaker, but people now realize that it’s not the end of the world. It’s tough in the initial stages, but many see it as an opportunity to make a fresh deal.The more invested you are in your marriage — whether because of love, lifestyle, finances, children or a combination of those things — the more likely you are to make compromises [such as allowing the husband to cheat] to anchor the commitment.”

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