Thursday, April 14, 2016


Chowdhury: helping Britons get used to Third World hygiene. 
In Britain, multiculturalism introduces new tastes and textures to the cuisine:
A takeaway chef wiped his bottom using his hands before preparing food because he does not use toilet paper for ‘cultural reasons’, a court heard.
Mahbub Chowdhury, 46, from Swindon, was found to have a filthy bottle in the kitchen of Yeahya Flavour of Asia, which inspectors concluded was covered in faecal matter.
When questioned, he said he filled the empty milk bottle with water from the kitchen taps before using it to clean his backside after going to the toilet.
The fecal matter appeared in the form of brown fingerprints, left as he redeposited the bottle in the kitchen before resuming his task of food preparation.

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