Saturday, April 9, 2016


Yes, ordinary citizens like you stopped mass murder. Mass murder is defined as four or more victims killed in the same event. Many people were at risk in the stories this month.
A store clerk at a Houston family dollar store saved his life and the lives of his fellow employees and customers Friday morning. A masked man entered the store and walked up to the clerk. The robber had his hand tucked into his jacket pocket, and said he had a gun. The robber demanded the money in the cash register. The store clerk drew his own firearm and shot the robber.
The store has been robbed several times. The previous robbery was just before Thanksgiving. In that incident, the clerk handed over the money from the register, and then the robber beat the clerk anyway. Now the clerk has his Texas license to carry a handgun and was carrying concealed at work. This time, none of the employees or customers in the store were hurt.
88-year-old Bertha Tate lives in Chicago, and has been a victim before. Her husband was shot and killed 65 years ago during a home invasion robbery. She has been a gun owner ever since. Living on the south side of Chicago for all that time, she’s seen other friends and relatives killed by criminals. Unfortunately, that happens every day in Chicago.
This time was different. Anthony Tate, Bertha’s son, was sitting in an overstuffed chair as someone tried to break through the front window of her apartment very early one morning. The family gun was tucked into the cushions of that overstuffed chair. Anthony grabbed the gun and shot the intruder as he came through the window. Then Anthony called police.
The police followed the trail of blood as the intruder ran to his getaway car at the end of the block. They followed the robber as he checked himself into the hospital emergency room with a gunshot wound to his arm. The 36-year-old criminal was expected to recover from his gunshot wound while sitting in the Cook County jail.
A felon out on parole walked into a Los Angeles area jewelry store, announced a robbery, and drew his gun. The robber threatened the store owner, but the jewelry store owner was armed with a gun of his own. The owner shot his attacker. The owner then called police and remained at the scene until police arrived.
The robber had been out on parole for less than a month. He was already being sought by police for an armed robbery at another store, and a separate home invasion robbery in which an elderly couple were murdered. California laws already makes it illegal for a felon to have a firearm… but criminals don’t obey the law.
I bring you these updates each month. I also report on civilian self-defense each week, and we have plenty to talk about. Honest firearms owners defend themselves thousands of times every day.
So tell me, were these honest civilians lucky… or were they prepared?

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  1. Good to hear more of why gun control will not work. Good people saving lives by way of 2nd amendment rights.