Friday, October 2, 2015



A hero rescues Hindu girls languishing in Muslim captivity in West Benghal.

According to The Times of India, in 2010, 28,000 girls and women “went missing” from West Bengal. The newspaper fails to say who the victims were or who kidnapped them.
Who knows what may have happened to them, who will speak for them? And, who has been rescuing these “missing” aka kidnapped, raped, forcibly converted, and trafficked girls and women? So far, mainly free-standing Christian groups in Iraq and Hindu religious groups in India. And both groups are very clear that it is radical Muslims who have done the kidnapping.
Governments, both Western and Eastern, are loath to say so and are not officially involved in such heroic rescues—or, for that matter, in the rescue of persecuted Christians. Individual progressives, leftists, feminists, who write about “oppression” and condemn sexual violence towards women, still fear to tread on such dangerous ground. 
Tapan Ghosh of India has no such fear. I interviewed him back in 2010 and he has just completed a second trip to the United States.
His supporters describe him as “a voice of Unity among Hindus,” as a man who has spent his lifetime rescuing girls in West Bengal, India, who have been kidnapped and trafficked. Recently, he saved a 14 year old minor girl named Tuktuki Mondal, who was kidnapped by Islamic fundamentalists and reunited her with her parents. Her story made international headlines
Tapan Ghosh has a global vision. For example, last year, in August, of 2014, during the Gaza crisis, he helped to organize a major pro-Israel rally which drew 20,000 people. This was the largest such rally held outside of Israel. Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs all took part in the rally. In his words, “India and Israel, being surrounded by tough neighbors, are united in peace. The values of democracy, gender equality and mutual respect is what binds the Hindu and the Jewish communities. We value life more than death and that's what unites us all.”

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