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Posted By Daniel Greenfield On June 16, 2015 @ 12:09 am In Daily Mailer,FrontPage 

Most bad policies are bipartisan. Democrats come up with them and Republicans sheepishly implement them. Amnesty is one of the few bad policies that Republicans desperately try to claim as their own.
Amnesty is a sinkhole of corrupt interests, from businesses looking for cheap labor to Democrats looking for cheap votes, and panic by fossilized political entities like the NAACP, unions and the Republican Party; eager to surrender out of fear that they will be be left behind by the demographic future.
Those who oppose amnesty tend not to be heard. They are the homeowners watching dangerous men who have crossed the border glower through their windows. They are the black teenagers who can’t even get a fast food entry level job because the illegals are cheaper and more compliant. They are the legal immigrants who left places like El Salvador behind only to find its gang members in their back yard.
And then there are courageous voices like Victor Davis Hanson, Mark Krikorian and, of course, Ann Coulter, who speak for them.
Coulter’s latest book, “Adios, America” is an uncompromising attack on the policies, justifications and rhetoric of amnesty. It’s full of the punchy quotes she’s known for, such as “Americans ought to be suspicious about being told incessantly fences don’t work. It’s like being told wheels don’t work”, accompanied by a broad survey of the entire immigration and illegal immigration debate.
The biggest targets are the latest efforts at amnesty, from the disastrous Republican amnesty effort to Obama’s unilateral legalizations, which have been disguised by Orwellian word games. After years of amnestiers claiming that their amnesty isn’t really amnesty, she lays out the simple fact that “Any law that forgives an illegal act, in whole or part, is an amnesty.”
The refusal to use the A-word is a sign of nervousness about public support for amnesty and Coulter targets the assorted polls that claim that the public supports it for being dishonest and misleading.
Going back in time, “Adios, America” takes a look at Ted Kennedy’s Third World immigration push and the Clinton voter mill. It argues that traditionally American voters have been displaced by tribal cultures that are uninterested and unwilling to adapt to life in this country with the inevitable accompanying costs for social services and the criminal justice system created by their ongoing presence.
Coulter covers everything from the dubious legal basis for anchor babies to the demographic voting argument that has panicked so many Republicans and the economic growth argument that has so often been used dishonestly by the proponents of the former.
As she points out, the vast majority of illegal aliens once legalized will begin collecting between $14,642 and $36,992 from the taxpayer.
“We’re always told that we need to amnesty illegals to shore up Social Security. How, exactly, are people who make so little money that they don’t pay income taxes going to save Social Security?” she asks.
Obviously a hole can’t be filled with another hole. Democrats and Republicans who champion amnesty are promising to plug a demographic hole with an economic hole while vowing that the two holes will somehow balance out; that a generation of elderly taxpayers will be bailed out by a generation of legalized aliens without a diploma working for minimum wage in states going bankrupt funding them.
Coulter challenges the hypocrisy of wealthy amnesty supporters who want to lock in the luxury of cheap labor for their domestic lifestyle and their businesses at the expense of the country and everyone else.
As she notes, “The rich get all the benefits of cheap servants– and they get to look enlightened at the same time.” FULL ARTICLE HERE

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