Saturday, June 20, 2015


Obama to Israel: “I Know How to Deal w/People Who Oppose Me”
Posted By Daniel Greenfield On June 20, 2015 @ 8:40 am
obama-netanyahu [1]
You can see why Obama supporters, from his toady Ambassador Shapiro to J Street’s favorite anti-Zionist Peter Beinart are frantically trying to shut down the book by former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, even going so far as to demand that Netanyahu repudiate it.
But bullying is what they do best as this incident reveals [2].
The tension between Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel began during their first meeting at the White House, Oren recalls. While the meeting appeared to go “smoothly,” behind the scenes Obama outwardly threatened Netanyahu.
“Face-to-face, I later heard, Obama had demanded that Netanyahu cease all building not only in the territories but also in the disputed areas of Jerusalem,” Oren writes.
“‘Not a single brick,’” the president purportedly said. ‘I know how to deal with people who oppose me.’”
The most pro-Israel administration ever indeed.
But Obama wasn’t opposed to Muslims building houses in Jerusalem. Just Jews.


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