Saturday, June 20, 2015


It's a bit sad to see the confusion and disappointment on the face of the POTUS when such a tragedy takes place in the heart of the racist South, the city where the 1st shot was fired in the Civil war and the community puts forth such an effort to pull together and mourn together. His efforts to politicize have been criticized. Sharpton and Jackson are probably beside themselves, Holder and Lynch and all the dividers. I do hope reason, calm, and compassion do prevail and the Charleston community can continue to be proud of the example it's set forth. A lot of people are in pain and the temptation to strike out is easy to succumb to. The community has done well pulling together so far.

As for Obama, his frustration at all his hard work toward racial divisiveness  unravelling before his eyes is difficult for him to understand and accept and leaves him and his race baiting team looking a bit feeble.

I really had to think before posting this. I certainly don't want to gain anything from the misery of the people of Charleston.  I don't want to take advantage of this strategy just to bash our POTUS but it is frustrating to me, and probably quite a few others, to see our supposed leader and great uniter just not know how to be appropriate in such a situation. 

It is not to be forgotten, though, all credit goes to the Charleston community, especially to the victims and families.

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