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Samantha Power Refuses to Commit to Veto of UN PLO Resolution
Posted By Daniel Greenfield On June 16, 2015 @ 11:52 pm In The Point 
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The most pro-Israel administration [2] in human history is at it again.
The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations on Tuesday refused to categorically say if the U.S. would veto a potential Security Council resolution calling for the establishment of a Palestinian state, prompting concern from congressional lawmakers over the Obama administration’s continuing commitment to Israel.
Asked directly during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing whether the U.S. would exercise its veto power to turn back such a resolution, Samantha Power was noncommital.
“I really am going to resist making blanket declarations on hypothetical resolutions. Our position, again, I think has been very clear for some time,” Power said, when pressed on the issue. “I have said, again, we would oppose anything that was designed to punish Israel or undermine Israel’s security. But I think, again, it’s perilous. There’s no resolution in front of us.”
The resolution is hardly all that hypothetical at this point and Power’s answer makes it more likely that it won’t be hypothetical at all.
Samantha Power has all but announced that the US won’t back Israel.
Her choice of wording is the Obama formula that [3] he recently used.
“And when I am then required to come to Israel’s defense internationally, when there is anti-Semitism out there, when there is anti-Israeli policy that is based not on the particulars of the Palestinian cause but [is] based simply on hostility, I have to make sure that I am entirely credible in speaking out against those things, and that requires me then to also be honest with friends about how I view these issues.”
Obama and Power are both emphasizing that backing the PLO against Israel is not to be considered anti-Israel. It’s a little spot of gaslighting from an administration that specializes in making things mean the opposite of what they do.
“The United States and the Obama administration have consistently opposed the delegitimation of Israel. We’ve also consistently pushed for legitimation of Israel across the U.N. system,” Power said Tuesday. “We uniformly oppose one-sided actions designed to punish Israel and we will continue to do so. I want to be very clear. In most cases, in many cases at least, we are actually able to build coalitions and prevent things from coming up to a vote.”

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