Friday, June 12, 2015

McKinney resident tells CNN: Cop 'deserves a medal'

In video that was recorded on Friday, Cpl. Eric Casebolt could be seen manhandling a young teen girl in a bathing suit and pulling his gun on other teens who approach him. Casebolt was placed on administrative leave over the weekend after the video went viral.
While many said that the the officer went overboard in responding to complaints about the pool party, at least one white resident of the neighborhood, who refused to be named because of alleged death threats, told CNN that the officer was a hero.
“I want everyone to know that that police officer, along with everyone else, they were completely in the right and protecting everyone,” the woman opined to CNN’s Nick Valencia. “He was not out of line. I completely support him drawing his weapon or a Taser or whatever it was that he did pull because he was being attacked from behind.”
“I believe that if your life is threatened, you have every right to pull a gun. He probably didn’t intend on using it. I feel horrible for McKinney PD and and the backlash they’re getting for this.”
The woman added that the officer “deserves a medal for what he did.”

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