Saturday, June 20, 2015

Conservatives Should Reject the Confederate Flag

In the wake of the Charleston shooting—and subsequent revelations that the shooter appears to have been a Confederate-flag-loving racist—Montel Williams tweeted, “This would be a good time for @nikkihaley to decide that flying the Confederate flag over the Capitol is the wrong msg. #Charleston Shooting.”
At the risk of alienating…well, whomever…I’m going to go with Montel on this one- I never thought this would happen.

The Confederate flag is a symbol of the failed attempt of the Democratic Party to defend the vile institution of slavery in the United States. The Confederacy was the quasi-government of the rebel insurgency fighting the United States of America and its Republican president.
In case you missed it, the United States of America (and the Republican Party) won.
Therefore, there is no purpose to the Confederate flag, except to express love for and allegiance to the losing side of the war that ended slavery—the not-Republicans.
The United States as a whole has repented of what some scholars have called her “original sin.” The South, after finally joining the civilized world and reluctantly letting Republicans be elected, has become for the most part a place where the races live together on a day-to-day basis without killing each other at the rate that, say, Chicago residents do. Let us all finally be done with the detestable symbol of the racist Democrats we defeated.

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