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Clinton Aide on Hillary: “She Just Got this Kind of Evil Look”
Posted By Daniel Greenfield On June 20, 2015 @ 12:37 pm
Donna Shalala was supposed to take over the Clinton Foundation after leaving the University of Miami (which paid Hillary six figures for a speech) but after the Free Beacon’s Alana Goodman released these tape s, that’s up in the air.
In 1994, four years before Hillary Clinton said a “vast right-wing conspiracy” was trying to take down her husband’s presidency, top aide Shalala said this theory was already embraced by the Clintons.
“They’ve become paranoid. Paranoia. Thinking people are out to get them, this right-wing conspiracy stuff,” said Shalala, who was the head of Health and Human Services during the August 1994 interview.
Aides feared at the time that Hillary Clinton had become “paranoid,” “burnt out,” and prone to angry outbursts, according to the tapes.
“[The Clintons are] feeling sorry for themselves. They talk about [conspiracies] all the time,” said Shalala. “That there really is a conspiracy out there to get us. That we don’t have a chance, people don’t understand how much good we’ve done. Our message isn’t getting across because these people are beating us up.”
Shalala said documents about supposed right-wing conspiracies were also being distributed to White House staffers.
“There is a feeling in the White House, and I don’t know whether it’s [James] Carville or [Paul] Begala or who’s giving them the materials,” said Shalala. “But sitting on the desks of their staff there’s these materials on this right-wing conspiracy.”
Then again maybe it was Sydney Blumenthal. Despite Carville’s reputation, he’s relatively stable. Blumenthal however seemed to thrive on feeding the worst in the Clintons. ARTICLE

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