Friday, June 12, 2015

Terrifying North Korea-Iran Scheme Cover Up

Obama Busted Covering Up Terrifying North Korea-Iran Scheme… The Reason He Did It Is Even Worse

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!”
Though over two centuries have passed since Sir Walter Scott wrote that brilliant statement, its message still stands strong, especially when it comes to President Barack Hussein Obama — a man who truly does “practice to deceive.”

Case in point: Intelligence officials revealed this past week that since September 2014, North Korea has twice shipped missile parts and components to the Islamic nation of Iran.

Even worse, Obama has been completely aware of these shipments and has in fact purposefully hidden them from the United Nations.
These shipments violated agreements that the U.N. has with Iran, meaning that they would have likely put a huge thorn in the nuclear deal that Obama just reached with the rogue nation had the U.N. found out about them.
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Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton appeared unsurprised about this revelation when he spoke with reporters.

“If the violation was suppressed within the U.S. government, it would be only too typical of decades of practice,” he said.

Furthermore, Bolton cautioned that this type of shady behavior foreshadows “how hard it would be to get honest reports made public once Iran starts violating any deal.”

Former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz shared the same sentiment.
“While it may seem outrageous that the Obama administration would look the other way on missile shipments from North Korea to Iran during the Iran nuclear talks, it doesn’t surprise me at all,” he told reporters.

According to Fleitz, Obama purposefully left any mention of Iran’s ballistic missile program out of his nuclear deal. This is troubling, given that “these missiles are being developed as nuclear deliver systems.” (H/T Western Journalism)

However, Obama is so desperate to secure a deal with Iran — a nation whose leader proudly chants “death to America” — that he’s willing to do anything to get it, including lying through his teeth to his own citizens.

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